Best Smartwatch for Video Calling You Should Buy Now

Best Smartwatch for Video Calling You Should Buy Now

Modern-day technology keeps progressing in leaps and bounds. The time wasn’t too far away in the past when the first smartwatch came out. Researchers keep thinking, and designers, too, keep their creative minds busy with innovation and novelties.

Who would have thought of a smartwatch with a camera in them? High-megapixel cameras are now sitting on top of your wrist, and you are making video calls using them. How amazing!

So, today we will be exploring a few smartwatches with a camera and video calling facility. Please, stay with us till the end, alright?

Compatibility Issue:

Compatibility has been quite a headache with smartwatches and smartphones. As you all know, we really need to sync our smartwatches with a smartphone companion app often; it gives us serious frustration when we cannot connect both together for data download or information transfer. It will be a shocker if we buy an expensive piece of hardware like a camera smartwatch but fail to connect it to our Android or iOS devices.

Our suggestion to you will be to ask the seller for compatibility before you buy. Ensure that the smartwatch you want and the smartphone you have connect smoothly; otherwise, why buy some frustration with your hard-earned money? Now that you know, let us get a move on to our best smartwatch for video calling.

1. Kospet Prime 2:

The first one we have is from Kospet - the Prime 2. Among camera smartwatches, Kospet has been doing pretty good. Kospet has brought out a few camera smartwatches, and the Prime 2 is one of them. Let us see the details.

According to Kospet’s official website, this is the first-ever smartwatch with a 13-megapixel camera. You can, of course, rotate it. Prime 2 has a ceramic bezel, a 1600 mAh battery, and a large 2.1” round shape retina IPS display with 480 x 480 resolution.  

The camera position is noteworthy. Most cameras are at the 3 o’clock position; Prime 2 has set the rotatable camera at 12 o’clock. From this position, you can frame and take pictures with ease. Besides, the rotatable camera will help you with selfies as well.

It is not just the camera, Prime 2 packs a very powerful octa-core processor that can run at the max speed of 1.5 GHz. This processor boosts the smartwatch performance by 200 percent, while power consumption is reduced by a remarkable 40 percent. 

With 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM, you do not have to worry about memory expenditure. Take as many photos as you like. Prime 2 runs the Android 10 system at its core, so you are getting optimized Google Services.

With Face recognition, you can Face Unlock your smartwatch with ease. Besides, you take or place audio calls. Because of the camera, you can now do video calls as well. Apart from all these, it has GPS, a heart rate monitor, etc., just like any other smartwatches. It supports Android 5.1 and above; iOS 9.0 and above.

2. Kospet Optimus 2:

We have been talking about Kospet camera smartwatches. Let us take a look at another Kospet - Optimus 2 smartwatch with the camera. If you look at the pictures, you will find that the camera is positioned in the same place as Prime 2, but the camera comes with a flash now. Besides the flashlight, Kospet has made various improvements as well. Let us have a look.

First, let us talk about the hardware. The Optimus 2 comes with an MT6762 octa-core processor upgrade, 4 GB RAM, and 64 GB ROM. It can run in two modes in 4G standby- Android and Lite mode. The camera can take video at 1080p. You have a 1.6” IPS display, Bluetooth 5.0, and a 1260 mAh battery. You can also choose to get the 1000 mAh power bank to support and extend your watch’s battery life. 

The smartwatch will monitor your heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen. You can now track 31 workouts with your Kospet Optimus 2. You can make audio and video calls as well. This smartwatch hardly missed anything at all.

3. Kospet Note:

We will look at another smartwatch from Kospet- Kospet Note. For various reasons, we would like to introduce this watch to you. So, without any delay, let us look at its various features. 

When you take Kospet Note in your hand, the first thing that strikes you is its 2.4 inches massive retina display and two cameras. The display can produce 480 x 640 resolution and 333 PPI. There is an 8 MP camera at the front, and the other 2 MP camera is on the side. The front camera can unlock the watch with FaceID. 

The 2000 mAh battery can keep the watch running for hours non-stop. You can make video and audio calls without having to worry about recharging. You also have various workout modes. The powerful quad-core 64bit processor makes things happen very fast and smooth. With 3 RAM and 32 GB ROM, you will not have to pass your long travel hours in boredom. Load all the favorite entertainment media in the memory.

The Kospet Note runs on Android 7.1.1 and lets you use the Google apps. Just raising your hand lights up the screen for you to read the information. The bigger screen gives an incredible video call experience.

3. Zeblaze Thor 5:

The next smartwatch we bring to you is from the Zeblaze family. Zeblaze has been producing some world-class smartwatches. Consequently, Zeblaze has entered the camera smartwatch segment as well. The Thor series has been strongly appealing to world consumers. Here we will talk about the Thor 5 a little.

Thor 5 uses the MTK 6739 quad-core 1.25 GHz from MediaTek and 52840 from Nordic to give processing power and high battery life. You can switch modes to save a significant amount of battery life. Normally your battery will drain within a day, but the power-saving mode will give additional three days. It has a full round 1.39 inches display. 

With 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage, you can store a lot of media for your daily or occasional use, for instance, on travel. You can use it if you regularly commute to a faraway place for work or study.

The main attraction would be the 8 MP front camera. You can take photos and videos. You can even make video calls and turn your smartwatch into something really interesting when you do not have your phone.

4. Zeblaze Thor 5 PRO:

This time we will talk about Thor 5 Pro from Zeblaze. As expected from Zeblaze, they made upgrades to this version of Thor 5. 

Starting from the ceramic bezel and polycarbonate body frame reinforced with fiberglass to leather straps, everything has been revamped to make it look classy, trendy, and tougher. 

The display comes with Gorilla glass protection. The screen is 1.6 inches and low a temperature polysilicon crystal display. 

The core processing power has not changed; it uses the MTK 6739 quad-core Cortex A-53 processor design. The 3 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM are enough to download all the media you want to your smartwatch. The 800 mAh battery serves well for the watch. The watch can charge about 75 percent of the battery. With dual 5 MP, the Pro brings the best out of the smartwatch. You can now do your live video from anywhere. 

5. Zeblaze Thor 6:

The newest Thor series is the Zeblaze Thor 6. Zeblaze has gotten more aggressive regarding hardware updates for Thor 6. Let us have a look.

We have a fully round 1.6” IPS display at 400 x 400 resolution starting from the display. Then comes the processor. The Octa-core Helio P22 processor is very power efficient and provides extreme performance at 2 GHz speed. Now, combine that with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM, and you get a super-fast smart device sitting on your wrist. The 830 mAh battery will charge faster now and give you sixty hours of standby time, six hours of calling, and five hours of playing video. 

The ceramic bezel is six times harder than stainless steel and was made using 23 separate processes. It is light and tough. The video calling is fun with its 5 MP dual camera.

Thor 6 runs Android 10. Thor 6 can face unlocking your watch very fast as well. With 4G LTE, you can call from anywhere in the world. It has GPS and exercise modes just like all the other smartwatches in the market but is better than most. You can even use the Google Play apps. In short, Thor 6 will not disappoint you.

There you have it. We have listed the most recent best smartwatch for video calling for your convenience. Hope you like the article.

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