Realme Smart Watch Review

The way Realme is grabbing the smart device market is an awe-striking phenomenon. Never would have anyone thought Realme would be such a party buster for the Whales and sharks of this market. Realme is mainly a smartphone manufacturer. Just like Xiaomi, Realme comes from China. In line with the other manufacturers of smart devices, Realme is also manufacturing smart watches. In this article, we will list and talk about the Realme smart watch price in Bangladesh.

Realme Smart Watch Online in BD:

So far, there are only two Realme smart watches available in the BD market.

  • Realme RMA 161 1.4" Square Activity Tracker Smart Watch Black
  • Realme Watch S Global version

Realme Smart Watch price in BD:

Realme watches are not very expensive compared to the rivals in the market. Although it does not have too many variants, the ones that are available pack a very good punch. You can order or buy Realme Smart Watch online in BD without any problem. Although we do not vouch for the brand, you can at least have look at their features before you decide which one to buy.


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