Best Smartwatch for Health Monitoring to Keep You Fit

Best Smartwatch for Health Monitoring to Keep You Fit

Health Monitoring

There is a saying - health is wealth. So, if you are monitoring your health, you are actually taking care of your wealth. To monitor health, we mean to keep a tab on your heart rates, blood oxygen, BMI or body mass index, etc., in perspective. If we do not keep track of these elements, it may be too late in some cases.

Heart Rate Monitoring

If you monitor your heart rate, you can sense the danger of stress level going too high or your blood pressure spiking out of control. Regularly monitoring your heart rate, you will be able to notice subtle changes in your health and take preventive measures. Curing takes a long time and often comes with a danger.

Blood Oxygen Level

We have seen the Covid19 pandemic sweeping the world in the past two years. It was, and some places are still difficult to point out effectively if someone is in need of immediate medical assistance or just routine care. Blood oxygen level helps you keep informed about the drop in your oxygen in your bloodstream. You can call for assistance if it is quickly spiraling out of control. 


BMI or body mass index is vital for people because it can show as a sign of malnutrition or obesity. Malnutrition is easy to solve, whereas obesity is a tough nut to crack. Millions of people around the world are suffering from obesity-related health issues. The predominant ones are hypertension and diabetes 1 / 2. These two bring so many other illnesses. By monitoring your BMI, you remain conscious of your health and work harder toward weight loss to keep your BMI in control. 

Sleep Monitor

Sleep has an enormous role to play in your health condition. Sleep deprivation is directly related to many health-related issues, such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and many more. So, it is essential to monitor the quality of your sleep so that you can make changes to your bad habits.

In this article, we will tell you about the best smartwatch for health monitoring so that you can buy a suitable one according to your budget and preference. We will only mention the health options available in the watches mentioned in this article.

1. Apple Watch Series 7:

If we are talking about health-related features on a smartwatch, we must at least bring the name of the Apple Watch Series 7. Let us briefly see why.

According to the Apple watch website, the Series is the future of health. With the revolutionary app and the sensor, you can keep track of your blood oxygen. You can readily check your heart rate. You can also do an ECG on the fly. It also has a mindfulness alert and sleep quality monitoring sensor. Apple Watch 7 can even measure the oxygen level in your bloodstream. To support all these health sensors, the Apple watch now can charge itself from zero to 80 percent within just under an hour of charging.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4:

After Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 would be our next choice. The make brought newer additions to its previous installment.

The first thing you have is a new kind of sensor that detects your body mass index or body composition. The new BIA sensor sends an electrical charge on an unnoticeable level throughout the body to determine the percentage of your body fat, BMI or body mass index, body water, bone mass, muscle mass, and more. By touching the sensor with your finger for fifteen seconds, you will find all this information. Watch 4 also has heart rate monitoring, ECG or electrocardiogram reader, stress and sleep monitoring, etc. 

3. Garmin Vivoactive 4:

If we have talked about Apple and Samsung, we cannot leave Garmin alone. Garmin has been producing some fine smartwatches over the years. Among the athletes, Garmin is known as a running touchscreen smartwatch maker. Vivoactive has a lot of good features, but let us see the health-related ones.  

The first health monitor is the heart rate sensor. It is pretty good, but you need to give it some time to pick your heart rate at the beginning of your movement or exercises. This slowness is not peculiar to only Vivoactive 4. You need to give some time even to a doctor to decide on your heart rate. 

Vivoactive 4 can also measure your SpO2 or blood oxygen level. The SpO2 sensor uses an infrared system to calculate your oxygen level. However, results are sometimes inconsistent. The next feature is breathing count. Vivoactive 4 can count how many times you are breathing per minute all day long, but this option does not really bring health benefits. 

Vivoactive 4 monitors your sleep and can count the floor you climb every day. The watch has an altimeter. 

4. Coros Apex:

If you are looking for a smartwatch with balanced features and a minimalistic design, Coros Apex is for you. This comes as a refreshing air for the athletes who care more about their endurance. It has an excellent battery life and comes at a very competitive price. 

Apex comes with the features that are a necessity for you but has discarded the ones you will perhaps never use. Apex has a tracking map, trackBack, sensors to measure altitude, barometric pressure, temperature, and so many more. During testing, it showed excellent performance. It only has a heart rate sensor. Frankly speaking, if you have a heart rate monitor, you do not need anything else in particular. It is easy to understand that you are low on oxygen, so you do not need a machine to tell you that. Usually, you will be gasping for air when oxygen is really low in your bloodstream.

5. Fitbit Versa 3:

The next on our list is Fitbit Versa 3. It is very popular because of its comparatively lower price. However, do not misunderstand Versa 3 because it has a lot to offer you. 

Versa 3 is an excellent choice among budget smartwatches. You will like its colorful always-on display. The battery charges really quickly. It gained popularity during the Covid19 pandemic because of its SpO2 sensor. This sensor is crucial to keep track of your oxygen level. Versa 3 can track your sleep quality as well. Its long battery life is another plus point for the users. The oxygen level is also helpful for athletes and serious fitness enthusiasts. 

Versa 3 tracks your food and water intake, calories burned, floor climbed, heart rate, steps taken, and traveled distance to cover your fitness and health concerns. Not just this. Versa 3 can track your weight, and for ladies, it tracks menstrual cycles. You can have it log your periods and symptoms and calculate the fertility window. Versa 3 is a useful smartwatch for everyone. 

This article has tried to select and talk about the best smartwatch for health monitoring from various price ranges. We believe you will find your smartwatch from this list. Good luck!

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